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With so many hot sauce options, it can be tough to decide which one is for you. We’ve set out to review all of the Canadian-made hot sauces we can get our hands on. In Canada, there are so many different hot sauce makers and we want to help promote them. So check below for our reviews on different Canadian hot sauces.

PS: We also tried some hot sauces from around the world, you’ll find those reviews here too!

Super Hot

These are the hot sauces we found to be the hottest. They range from 9-10 on our heat scale. Beware, some of these sauces are not for the faint of heart.

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Extra Hot

For those of us who really love to sweat while we eat, Extra Hot sauces are the way to go. In this category, you will find all hot sauces rated from 7-8.

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Some might call this the sweet spot. These sauces are hot enough for the experienced user, yet tame enough for beginners. All of the sauces in this category range from a 5-6 on our heat scale.

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Mild hot sauces are great for everyone, not too hot, just enough kick to make your taste buds dance a little bit. The reviews in this category all range from a 3-4.

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Low Heat

Some like a lot heat sauce, we don’t judge. In this category you will find all the sauces we rated a 1-2 on the heat scale.

Canadian Hot Sauce Reviews

Here you will find all of our Canadian-made hot sauce reviews. From BC to Newfoundland, our goal is to try all of the amazing hot sauces Canada has to offer.

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Mike is a hot sauce lover. He has never, and will never say no to hot wings. Mike loves a balance of flavour and heat; he prefers his food on the spicy side but also likes some sweetness too.

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