AI Disclosure

Hello everyone!

I use AI writing tools to assist me in crafting reviews on this website. They save me time and enable me to produce more content. But here’s what you should know:

  • My reviews are entirely based on my personal opinions.
  • For each hot sauce I test, I personally note its smell, appearance, taste, and heat level.
  • I input these notes into the AI tool, which helps in shaping the review.
  • I always double-check the AI’s output to ensure it truly reflects my feelings about the hot sauce.

In essence, while I use AI for assistance, the sentiments and opinions in the reviews are purely mine.

Thanks for understanding!

Mike P

Welcome to The Hot Sauce Guy! I’m Mike, your guide to the spicy world of hot sauces and the creator of Spicy Riffs Hot Sauce. From Canada, I share the hottest reviews, pepper-growing tips, and sauce recipes with a touch of rock and roll.

My passion? Crafting the perfect blend of heat and flavor. Whether you’re here for the fire or the flair, get ready for a journey into the world of spicy delights.

Let’s turn up the heat together!
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