Smoky Chipotle by Supernova Hot Sauce Review

Smoky Chipotle by Supernova Hot Sauces is a smoky and tangy thin hot sauce that pairs well with many North American staples. It is not very hot but does a good job of adding a pleasant zip to your meal.

You can find it in most big-name grocery stores across the country. If you’re looking for something cheap and easy, this might be the hot sauce for you.

A bottle of Smoky Chipotle hot sauce by Supernova

Introducing: Smoky Chipotle Hot Sauce by Supernova

Supernova is a hot sauce company based in Toronto, Ontario and they make a few different hot sauces as well as some barbeque sauces.

Their hot sauces are commonly found in grocery stores across Canada and they are building quite the name for themselves as a grocery store staple.

Supernova uses fresh ingredients in all of their sauces and there are no preservatives, artificial colours, or thickening agents.

As mentioned already, you can usually find their sauces in grocery stores for about $7 or $8 dollars. They sell their sauce on their website for $10 and some of the online distributors charge up to $15.

The nutritional label on Smoky Chipotle by Supernova

Manufacturer: Supernova Hot Sauce
Made In: Ontario
Heat Rating: 4/10
Size: 148mL
Price Range: $7-$15
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Ingredients: Chili Peppers (Chipotle, Scotch Bonnet, and Red Thai), Distilled Vinegar, Onion, Tomato, Brown Sugar, Salt, Tomato Paste, Garlic, Pineapple, Water, Lemon Juice

Hot Sauce Made In Canada


Smoky Chipotle comes in a standard woozy bottle just like many other hot sauces. Like the other Supernova sauces, the bottle is adorned with a black label featuring a minimal logo and a subtle design.

The hot sauce inside is a deep brown colour that turns a little more burgundy as it thins out. Supernova’s sauces are all very thin and pour extremely well, almost to a fault, unless you like licking your fingers afterwards.

You won’t see any ingredients floating around the hot sauce, Smoky Chipotle is very well blended.

Smoky Chipotle hot sauce on a spoon


Tangy and smoky.

Smoky Chipotle smells pretty appealing. I did not see liquid smoke in the ingredients list but I can smell something similar. Supernova did a great job replicating this scent with all-natural ingredients.

The first time I tried this sauce was with pizza and the smell of Smoky Chipolte on top of some pepperoni and mushrooms was pretty amazing.


Like the smell, this hot sauce tastes very tangy. It definitely had my tongue buzzing more from the tang than the heat level.

It is pretty hard to pick out any of the individual ingredients and there is no real taste from the peppers. I can usually taste tomatoes pretty easily but I could not pick them out in this hot sauce.

I couldn’t really taste the smokiness of the sauce either, I think most of the smoky comes from the aroma.

Heat Level

I rate Smoky Chipotle at a 4 out of 10 on my heat scale.

The heat is slightly sharp at first but doesn’t really stick around for too long.

I could feel the heat on the tip and sides of my tongue the most. I did not sweat, even after enjoying quite a bit of this hot sauce. Smoky Chipotle is a great mild sauce if you want something for work or social environments that will taste great but not turn you into a slobbering mess.


Just like the taste, this hot sauce seems to be all tang and a little bit of heat. The smoke part of the flavour profile comes from the aroma.

Still, that doesn’t mean this hot sauce is bad. It still tastes all-natural, fresh, and different than the other grocery store hot sauces.

There is also a big difference between trying this hot sauce on its own and with food. When trying with food it adds to the flavours of your meal and the tanginess and smokiness really stand out.

Conclusion: Overall Thoughts

Smoky Chipotle was an alright hot sauce. Definitely not my favourite, but not the worst either.

If I was grabbing something quick for lunch and the store only had Franks and Supernova hot sauces, I would pick up Smoky Chipotle to go with my sandwich.

The price is right and the taste is pretty good.

Give this one a shot if you want, it does not have the characteristics of a craft hot sauce or something really interesting but it does taste good.

Please remember that taste is subjective and everyone will experience hot sauce uniquely. These reviews contain my own thoughts and opinions. If you think you’ll enjoy a hot sauce then you should definitely try it out.

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