Dawson’s and Mike Jack: Tropical Fury Hot Sauce Review

Good day everyone, today, we’re checking out Tropical Fury Hot Sauce. This isn’t your ordinary condiment; it’s a collaboration between Dawson’s Hot Sauce and the heat-loving legend, Mike Jack Eats Heat.

What sets Tropical Fury apart? It’s all in the mix – pineapple for that sweet island vibe, habanero for a fiery kick, and ghost peppers to really turn up the heat. It’s a blend that promises not just heat, but a burst of tropical flavor. If you’re into sauces that bring something different to the table, stick around. We’re not selling you dreams here; we’re just sharing the love for a sauce that stands out. Let’s get into what makes Tropical Fury tick.

Introducing: Tropical Fury by Mike Jack Eats Heat and Dawson’s Hot Sauce

Let’s take a closer look at the man behind the heat and the sauce that’s catching everyone’s attention.

First up, Mike Jack. This guy isn’t just a fan of spice; he lives and breathes it. With 8 Guinness World Records under his belt, including feats with ghost peppers and Carolina reapers, Mike is a heavyweight in the spicy food scene. He’s graced a Netflix series and dominated League of Fire competitions, currently holding the prestigious American Chili Pepper Eating Championship Belt. Representing Canada, Mike is the real deal in the spicy competitions world.

Now, onto the sauce of the hour – Tropical Fury Hot Sauce. Crafted by the skilled hands at Dawson’s Hot Sauce, this sauce is not just any hot sauce. It’s the official sauce of Mike Jack himself, a pepper-eating champion and spicy social media star. Made by a brand that’s been featured on Hot Ones, this sauce is designed to transport your taste buds straight to the tropics.

The sweetness of pineapple hits you first, followed by a sharp, smoky heat from ghost peppers and a lingering burn from habaneros. The texture is an intriguing mix of crunchy seeds and smooth olive oil emulsion, making every bite a well-blended dance of flavors. At $12 CAD a bottle, it’s an experience waiting to happen for anyone looking to explore the world of heat with a tropical twist.

Mike Jack Eats Heat

The info panel on a bottle of Tropical Fury hot sauce

Manufacturer: Dawson’s Hot Sauce
Made In: Ontario
Heat Rating: 8/10
Size: 155mL
Price Range: $12
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Ingredients: Pineapple, Vinegar, Habanero, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Ghost Pepper, Cane Sugar, Lemon, Sea Salt.

Hot Sauce Made In Canada

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Dawson’s hot sauces are known for their class, and Tropical Fury is no exception. Housed in a 150mL woozy bottle, each detail, from the wax-sealed lid to the packaging, screams premium. But what really sets Tropical Fury apart is its bright, eye-catching label. Decked out in vibrant yellow with red accents, it’s like a burst of sunshine with a hint of danger. And let’s not forget about Mike Jack, whose headshot dominates the label, adding a personal touch and hinting at the fiery experience within.

As you rotate the bottle, you’ll find the ingredients and heat rating on one side, laying out exactly what awaits you. On the opposite side, a story about Mike Jack offers a glimpse into the passion and dedication behind this unique sauce.

But the real beauty lies within. The sauce itself is a light orange hue, alive with bits of ingredients that promise texture and depth of flavor. Thanks to the olive oil emulsion, a signature move by Dawson’s, the sauce has a slightly creamy appearance, making it look as good as it tastes. This thoughtful preparation ensures the sauce pours smoothly, never clogging the bottle’s neck. Whether you’re drizzling it over your favorite meal or mixing it into a sauce, Tropical Fury has the perfect consistency: not too runny, not too thick. It’s designed to coat your food evenly, enhancing every bite without overwhelming it.

Tropical Fury Hot Sauce by Dawson's on a spoon to show texture


Opening a bottle of Tropical Fury Hot Sauce is an experience in itself. The first thing that hits you is a delightful aroma of spicy roasted pineapple, a scent that’s as intriguing as it sounds. It sets a tropical scene, enhanced by a subtle smokiness that adds a layer of complexity to the sensory experience. The pineapple’s presence is unmistakable, its distinct aroma promising a sweet and tangy flavor.

But that’s just the beginning. As the initial burst settles, you’ll notice gentle whispers of garlic weaving through the scent, adding a savory depth that beckons the palate. Following this savory note, the warmth of the peppers begins to surface, signaling the heat that lies in wait. It’s a gentle nudge rather than a shove, tickling the nose just enough to alert you to its power without overwhelming the sauce’s more delicate notes.

Remarkably, the sauce doesn’t lean heavily on vinegar or saltiness, which can often dominate the scent profile of less nuanced hot sauces. Instead, Tropical Fury maintains a sweet and sharply inviting aroma, balanced with just the right touch of heat.

Taste and Flavour

From the very first taste, Tropical Fury sets itself apart. The initial hint of lemon is a pleasant surprise, zesty and bright, waking up your taste buds with a gentle tingle. Following closely is the garlic, ushering in a savory expedition that layers complexity onto the experience. These flavors create a foundation that’s both inviting and intriguing.

Just when you’re savoring this introduction, the sweet essence of pineapple sweeps in, offering a momentary coolness that’s as refreshing as it is unexpected. It’s here that the sauce truly begins to shine, showcasing its ability to balance heat with flavor. Amidst the sweetness, there’s a whisper of habanero – a subtle nod to the sauce’s heat without overwhelming the palate. This delicate balance is a testament to the sauce’s craftsmanship, allowing each flavor its moment in the spotlight.

The texture of Tropical Fury adds another layer to its appeal. It’s thin yet creamy, a combination that’s not often achieved in hot sauces. The crunch from seeds and bits of pineapple and peppers introduces a tactile pleasure that complements the sauce’s complex flavor profile.

Heat Level

Diving into the heat level of Tropical Fury Hot Sauce, let’s not beat around the bush: this sauce packs a serious punch. Initially, I thought it was a solid 7 on my personal heat meter. But after giving it some time, it’s a definite 8 out of 10. It’s a sneaky kind of heat, starting off almost teasingly mild, but don’t let that fool you. Before you know it, the peppers declare an all-out assault.

Right now, my tongue feels like it’s caught in a blaze, and my lips? They’re not faring much better, thanks to the fiery kiss of this sauce. And let’s talk about the full facial experience – a sheen of sweat, a slightly runny nose, and that unmistakable warm, smoldering sensation in my throat that intensifies with each breath. It’s a rollercoaster of heat, yet it stops just short of overwhelming, teetering on the edge of what’s manageable for those who love a good burn.

What impresses me most about Tropical Fury is how the heat feels genuine, derived from the peppers themselves, not some artificially concentrated heat powder. The blistering burn on the tip of my tongue? That’s the ghost pepper’s signature. The light stinging sensation? All thanks to the habaneros. It’s a carefully calibrated inferno, not for the faint of heart, but a thrill for those who chase the heat.

Conclusion: Overall Thoughts

Closing the lid on our taste test of Tropical Fury Hot Sauce, it’s evident Dawson’s hasn’t strayed from their path of crafting sauces that stand out for being both distinct and rich in flavor, with a heat level that earns a nod of approval.

The introduction of lemon and garlic at the outset was a masterful touch, setting up a flavor profile that’s as delightful as it is surprising, before the heat kicks in and takes you on a searing journey to “sweat town.” This sauce has become a go-to for chicken, transforming it into a dish that’s eagerly dipped and devoured with gusto.

Yet, be warned, Tropical Fury brings the heat in full force, leaving a lasting impression that simmers long after the meal has ended. For those gearing up to try it, be prepared for more than just a hot sauce; you’re in for a full-blown flavor adventure.

So, buckle up and get ready for a spicy escapade that promises to be as memorable as it is hot.

Tropical Fury by Mike Jack Eats Heat and Dawson’s Hot Sauce

Tropical Fury Hot Sauce is a masterful blend of zesty lemon, savory garlic, and a tropical twist, culminating in a fiery, flavor-packed ride that’s not for the faint of heart.

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Talk about a lingering heat!


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