Hot Sauce Review: Crystal Extra Hot

Ah, Crystal Hot Sauce! That fiery red elixir straight outta New Orleans that’s been spicing up our meals since post-Civil War days. Aged cayenne peppers and vinegar come together in this thin yet flavor-packed potion. Simple ingredients, generations of history, and a kick that’ll make you say, ‘Whew!

Let’s take a look at how Crystal Extra Hot stacks up!

Introducing: Crystal Extra Hot Sauce

Crystal Extra Hot Sauce, folks – a cult classic straight from the vibrant heart of New Orleans. Concocted by Baumer Foods, this spicy gem dates back to 1923 when Alvin Baumer, fresh from the Civil War days, stumbled upon that magic ‘Crystal Pure’ recipe.

Baumer Foods? More than just hot sauce – during WWII, they sweetened U.S. troops’ rations with preserves and jellies.

Fast-forward to 2005, and despite Hurricane Katrina’s fury, the brand’s spirit remained unshaken, now thriving in Reserve, Louisiana.

A family affair, with three generations of Baumers at the helm, each bottle showcases their passion: using the WHOLE cayenne pepper, seeds and all.

Fancy a taste of this rich legacy? A bottle will set you back around $8-$10CAD, and trust me, it’s worth every cent!

The nutritional label on a bottle of Crystal Extra Hot

Manufacturer: Baumer Foods
Made In: New Orleans
Heat Rating: 4/10
Scoville Rating: ~15,000SHU
Size: 177mL
Price Range: $8-$10

Ingredients: Aged Red Cayenne Peppers, Distilled Vinegar, Water, Salt, Natural Flavorings, Xanthan Gum

Does Crystal Hot Sauce Need To Be Refrigerated

Hot sauce, especially hot sauces with a high vinegar content like Crystal, don’t really need to be refrigerated. The PH level will help keep the sauce stable outside of the fridge. However, keeping your hot sauce in the fridge will help prolong the freshness of the sauce and will slow down any deterioration that might happen over time.

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Let’s talk looks, shall we?

The Crystal bottle is distinct, crafted from glass with a clever reducer spout built-in. Why? To effortlessly dispense that beautifully thin red sauce.

A glance at the label, and there’s that iconic Crystal logo – a nod to its rich legacy. Peek closer and you’ve got your ingredients and nutritional deets.

Inside? Pure, uniform, crimson liquid – no chunky bits floating about. And pouring it? Dreamy! Its liquidy consistency ensures every bite gets a spicy hug.

Crystal Extra Hot Sauce on a spoon to show texture.


Ever taken a whiff of Crystal Extra Hot Sauce?

You’re first greeted with a salty, slightly funky aroma, thanks to that fermentation magic. But hey, that funk? Oh, it’s delightful!

There’s a whisper of vinegar in the backdrop, typical of those classic aged vinegar sauces. The scent is cozy and inviting, promising a zesty tang for your dishes.

But here’s a twist – while you can sense those peppers, the true heat stays incognito. Sneaky, right?

Taste and Flavour

Ever taken a dip into Frank’s Red Hot? Well, Crystal Extra Hot Sauce dances in that flavor ballpark.

Dive in, and the first thing that waltzes on your palate is that tangy vinegar embrace, hand-in-hand with a hint of salt. Then, in swoops the heat, gracefully followed by deep pepper notes.

Aged peppers? They bring a certain funk, a richness that fresh ones just can’t match. I’m team ‘aged’ all the way for this sauce style.

And though there’s a hint of ‘natural flavorings’ on the label, pinning them down in the taste? Tricky business!

Every spoonful? A treat! Its addictive, flavorful charm beckons again and again – the kind you generously slather without a second thought.

Heat Level

Seeking a comparison for Crystal’s heat? Think Frank’s Red Hot, but kick it up a notch!

On my personal spice-o-meter, it’s clocking in at a solid 4 out of 10. Here’s the catch though: this sauce has a sneaky, cumulative heat. One splash? Mild and playful. But keep drizzling it on each bite, and you’ll find yourself in a delightful perspiration party.

Speaking from experience, my cheeks glistened and my hairline knew the drill. A tingling tongue? Check. But it never crossed into the ‘burning sting’ territory.

And, a heads up, your nose might join the party too, adding a sniffle or two. The best part? The heat’s genuine. No artificial, concentrated burn – just pure, authentic fire.

Conclusion: Overall Thoughts

Wrapping it up, Crystal Extra Hot Sauce is a delightful dance of history, flavor, and fiery kick.

Hailing from New Orleans with a legacy spanning decades, its appearance exudes classic charm. The aroma is a heady mix of fermentation funk and tang, while the taste perfectly marries vinegar’s tanginess with the depth of aged peppers.

The heat? Oh, it’s a deceptive crescendo, reminding you of its presence with each additional drizzle. So, whether you’re a seasoned spice aficionado or just dipping your toes into the hot sauce waters, Crystal offers an experience that’s both nostalgic and invigorating.

Bottom line? It’s a bottle of zesty New Orleans tradition that deserves a spot in your pantry!

Crystal Extra Hot Sauce

Crystal Extra Hot Sauce delivers a tantalizing dance of tangy depth and deceptive heat, epitomizing New Orleans in every drop.

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Tangy, salty, and spicy


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