Review: Beyond Hot Frank’s Ghost by The Capsaicin Cartel

Ready to challenge your palate? Dive deep into the fiery yet flavorful world of “Frank’s Ghost” by The Capsaicin Cartel, hailing all the way from Quebec.

A unique fusion of Cayenne, Ghost, and Green peppers, this creamy orange concoction doesn’t just offer an aromatic vegetal taste. It packs a punch of sharp, unapologetic heat, courtesy of those sneaky ghost peppers.

Prepare yourself for a zesty journey as we delve into the secrets behind the spicy sensation that is “Frank’s Ghost.” Prepare your taste buds – it’s going to be a sizzling ride!

A bottle of Franks Ghost hot sauce from The Capsaicin Cartel

Introducing: Beyond Hot: Frank’s Ghost by The Capsaicin Cartel

Straight from the heart of Chateauguay, Quebec, The Capsaicin Cartel is setting the hot sauce world ablaze. This small-batch, big flavor hot sauce creator is not just any producer; it’s the passion project of Nico and Kary-Ann, a dynamic duo deeply devoted to all things chili.

They’re no strangers to accolades either; with a hefty six awards already tucked away, including recent wins for their fiery delights like “Can’Eh’Jun” and “Hell’s Ketchup.”

Enter “Frank’s Ghost” – a masterful blend that boasts the sharp sting of ghost peppers. Beyond its kick, it woos with a creamy texture, letting flavors of onions, carrots, and celery shine through. Elegantly housed in a 250mL bottle, this flavor explosion can be yours for a price range of $14CAD to $20CAD.

Dive in and discover why The Capsaicin Cartel is the talk of the Canadian chili community.

The nutritional label on a bottle of Franks Ghost by The Capsaicin Cartel

Manufacturer: The Capsaicin Cartel
Made In: Quebec
Heat Rating: 6/10
Size: 250mL
Price Range: $14-$20
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Ingredients: Shallots, Raw Cayenne Pepper, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sugars, Fresh Ghost Peppers, Carrots, Celery, Onions, Garlic, Salt, Black Pepper, Eggplant, Green Peppers, Garlic, Xanthan Gum, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Bay Leaf

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Let’s paint a picture of “Frank’s Ghost”, shall we?

Picture a tall, sleek 250mL bottle, topped with a secure lid, and a handy reducer tip to tame that fiery flow. The label? A cheeky nod to a well-known sauce brand, starring a devilish ghost pepper, boasting a quirky moustache and a toothy grin. Classic Capsaicin Cartel branding adds that signature touch.

Now, gaze inside. There lies a soft, orange ambrosia with a creamy consistency, peppered (pun intended) with visible bits of pepper flakes and chunks. And the pour? Oh, smooth as silk, with or without that reducer spout. Clogging? Not on Frank’s watch!

This hot sauce knows how to make an entrance.

Frank's Ghost hot sauce on a spoon to show texture


If “Frank’s Ghost” was a fragrance, I’d label it “Eau de Comfort”. Dive nose-first, and you’re greeted with an aromatic embrace: think earthy notes of celery, carrot, onions, and garlic.

Inhale a bit deeper, and you might just be transported to your grandma’s kitchen, with a pot of chicken noodle soup gently bubbling away. And while there’s a tiny edge of sharpness lurking, it’s not the fiery pepper blaze one might expect.

Missing in action? The apple cider vinegar’s tang. Instead, the comforting aromas of veggies and spices take center stage. It’s safe to say, this hot sauce’s scent game is on point.

Taste and Flavour

Let’s take a flavor trip with “Frank’s Ghost”, shall we? One dab and it’s clear – this isn’t your average hot sauce.

It beckons with a spicy yet flavor-forward embrace, where sweet and savory melodies of onion, celery, carrots, and garlic take the lead. It’s a tantalizing tango for both the nose and palate, with warm, inviting flavors in every drop.

And oh, that texture! Soft and creamy, it drapes over dishes like a culinary velvet. No tang or acidity here; instead, it’s all about the aromatic symphony and spice waltz. While the peppers might be shy in taste, trust me, they make their fiery presence felt!

Heat Level

Ever wondered what a spicy sneak attack feels like?

Meet “Frank’s Ghost” and its main accomplice: ghost peppers. This sauce delivers a pointed, fiery jab, targeting lips, tongue, and even that unsuspecting throat.

On my personal Scoville scoreboard? A solid 6 out of 10. Spicy? Absolutely. But this fiery fellow is friendly enough to play nice in both petite and generous pours.

True to its antics, “Frank’s Ghost” got my cheeks glistening and my nose staging a mini waterfall. Intriguingly, once the heat kicks in, those aromatic and earthy notes make a swift exit, leaving your taste buds to dance solely with the fire. What a flavorful riddle!

Conclusion: Overall Thoughts

And there we have it, folks! “Frank’s Ghost” is nothing short of a flavor sensation.

While I geared up expecting a turbo-charged Frank’s Red Hot, what I got was an entirely different, delightful beast.

The sneaky apple cider vinegar? Expertly hidden. The heat? Sharp and splendid. Admittedly, its bold character might play favorites when it comes to food pairings, but don’t let that deter you.

This hot sauce truly stands out in a crowd. So, if you’re craving something distinctively delicious, give “Frank’s Ghost” a whirl. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

Beyond Hot: Frank’s Ghost by The Capsaicin Cartel

Frank’s Ghost delivers a unique, aromatic punch, masterfully blending earthy flavors with sharp ghost pepper heat – a delectably distinct addition to the hot sauce world.

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