Mojo Peppa Sauce ‘Earthe’ Habanero Hot Sauce Review

Hey there, spice seekers! Today, we’re diving into the fiery world of Canadian hot sauces, and our spotlight is on “Earthe” from Mojo Peppa Sauce in Oakville, Ontario.

I’ve had the pleasure of sampling a few of their sizzling creations, and let me tell you, they’ve all been hits. Earthe, part of their ‘Private Reserve’ Collection, packs a punch with Habaneros, a dash of truffle oil, and a hint of shitake extract.

Get ready for a taste adventure, as we take you on a journey through this flavorful concoction!

A bottle of Earthe hot sauce made by Mojo Peppa Sauce
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Introducing: ‘Earthe’ Habanero Sauce with White Truffle & Shitake by Mojo Peppa Sauce

Mojo Peppa Sauce, hailing from the heart of Oakville, Ontario, is not your average hot sauce creator. But here’s the kicker: they’re not just about that spicy goodness; they’re also the cool cats behind Mojo Music. If you swing by their website, you’ll find a harmonious blend of hot sauces and music-related goodies.

Now, let’s talk about Earthe, their star player. This Habanero with White Truffle and Shitake sauce is a real game-changer. I’ve been lucky enough to sample a few of their fiery concoctions, and every one of them has left me impressed.

Earthe, part of their ‘Private Reserve’ Collection, is a limited edition treat that scored big as a Place Winner at the 2022 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Packed with habaneros, truffle oil, and a touch of shitake extract, it’s like a flavor explosion in your mouth.

And the best part? You can snag a bottle of this liquid gold on the Mojo Peppa Sauce website for just $12 CAD. It’s time to get saucy, folks!

The nutritional info on a bottle of Earthe by Mojo Peppa Sauce

Manufacturer: Mojo Peppa Sauce
Made In: Ontario
Heat Rating: 8/10
Size: 150mL
Price Range: $12
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Ingredients: Love, Habanero Peppers, Water, Onions, Garlic, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Shitake Extract, Truffle Oil (Olive oil, Tuber Magnatum Pico),

Hot Sauce Made In Canada

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Earthe, and all the other Mojo sauces, sure know how to make a killer first impression. They come packed in these sleek 150mL woozy bottles that just scream class. But what really catches your eye is that generous-sized, elegant seal and the matte black labeling. And I gotta say, that label isn’t just for show – it feels high-quality and smooth to the touch.

On the label, you’ll spot the Mojo logo on one side, standing out with its transparent background against the sauce’s color. On the flip side, you’ll find all the juicy sauce information you need.

Now, let’s talk about the sauce itself. Pop the top, and you’re greeted with a gorgeous, soft orange hue. It’s like a work of art in that bottle, all well blended but still sporting some tasty chunks of flavor goodness floating around. Plus, the sauce flows out easily, no bottle-neck clogs to slow you down. But here’s the kicker: that truffle oil gives it a slight oily look, just adding to the intrigue. Trust me, this hot sauce is not just about the taste; it’s a feast for the eyes too!

Earthe hot sauce by Mojo Peppa Sauce on a spoon to show texture


Time to give our sniffer a workout, folks! Earthe has a scent that’s, well, soft. It’s like a gentle caress for your olfactory senses. You’ll catch a whiff of earthiness and mushrooms, giving it that rustic vibe, but there’s also a spicy and tangy twist in there to keep things interesting.

I’ll tell you, the aroma is mighty inviting, and it’s like a VIP invite to any meal. Sure, there’s a tiny hint of vinegar scent, but it’s playing a subtle role here, not stealing the spotlight.

And let’s not forget the real stars of the show – those Habaneros. Their sweet, spicy scent wafts through the air, almost like a friendly warning, letting you know that this sauce means business in the heat department.

So, if you’re a fan of intriguing scents that pack a punch, Earthe is calling your name!

Taste and Flavour

Earthe by Mojo Peppa Sauce is all about two big players: mushrooms and habanero peppers. Right from the get-go, you’re hit with the earthy goodness of mushrooms, and let me tell you, it’s like a flavor burst that makes your taste buds do a happy dance.

But hold on, the habanero flavor isn’t far behind. It swoops in with those fiery tropical vibes that make your tongue tingle with excitement. And just when you think you’ve had your fill, the truffle oil slides in, bringing that soft, velvety texture that’s downright indulgent.

Now, here’s the real kicker – those flavor bombs floating around in there. Bits of habanero, garlic, and onion are like hidden treasures that add even more richness to an already impressive flavor profile.

This hot sauce isn’t just good; it’s private reserve quality through and through. If you’re craving an explosion of flavors that’ll leave you coming back for more, Earthe is the real deal!

Heat Level

When I first dabbled with Earthe, I was thinking it’d clock in at a respectable 6 out of 10 on the heat scale. But let me tell you, this hot sauce doesn’t play around. After a few taste tests and experiencing the full burn, I’ve cranked it up to an 8 out of 10 on my personal heat-o-meter.

This stuff means business. The burn hits you like a freight train, starting with an intense tongue sizzle that doesn’t let up. Every inhale and exhale feels like a fiery dance on your taste buds. My nose was running, my cheeks were flushed, and my whole face was practically in a sweat-fueled frenzy. I even found myself blowing on my tongue just to get a breather.

But you know what? This is exactly how I like my hot sauces – sharp, scorching, and long-lasting. Earthe delivers on all three fronts, making it a must-try for those who crave that full-throttle heat experience. This is the real deal, folks!

Conclusion: Overall Thoughts

In conclusion, Earthe has left me absolutely floored. That mushroomy flavor paired with the perfect habanero heat is a match made in hot sauce heaven. What sets this sauce apart is its complexity; it lets you savor each ingredient in all its glory, like they’re taking turns on your taste buds.

When it comes to a true craft sauce experience, Mojo Peppa Sauces are the real deal. They’ve shown time and time again that they’re in a league of their own. So, if you’re on the hunt for some fantastic sauces to add to your collection, I wholeheartedly recommend going with Mojo. You won’t be disappointed.

Mojo’s Earthe has certainly won me over, and I can’t wait to see what other flavor-packed delights this Canadian hot sauce guru has in store.

‘Earthe’ Habanero Sauce with White Truffle & Shitake by Mojo Peppa Sauce

Earthe by Mojo Peppa Sauce is a hot sauce sensation that delivers a perfect balance of mushroomy flavor and habanero heat, making it a must-have for any hot sauce enthusiast’s collection.

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Mushroomy, and plenty of Habanero


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