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Wow, hello everyone! Today we’re reviewing a legendary hot sauce called Queso Sin Queso by Good Heats. Straight out of Montreal, this hot sauce is turning heads for a pretty unique reason. Imagine dipping into a creamy, rich queso, but here’s the twist—there’s no cheese in sight. That’s right, this hot sauce nails the queso flavor without using any dairy. It’s like a magic trick in a bottle.

Brought to us by La Pimenterie, a name that’s no stranger to the hot sauce game, Queso Sin Queso made its mark on the famed show Hot Ones Season 23. It’s not just another hot sauce; it’s a leap into uncharted territories. For anyone looking to spice up their meals with something out of the ordinary, stick around. We’re diving into what makes Queso Sin Queso stand out in the crowded world of hot sauces.

Introducing: Queso Sin Queso by Good Heat

Meet Good Heats, a gem from Montreal, Quebec, crafting small-batch hot sauces that pack a punch with unique flavors. Nestled in the heart of Montreal, their creations come to life at La Pimenterie Hot Sauce’s kitchen, a place where spicy dreams are cooked up. My first encounter with their standout sauce, Queso Sin Queso, was at the London HeatWave Expo 2024. Sharing a booth, Good Heats and La Pimenterie showcased their fiery collaboration, and let me tell you, it was love at first taste.

Queso Sin Queso is not your average hot sauce. We’re talking about a cheese-flavored hot sauce, a concept that sounds as wild as it is delicious. And yet, it brilliantly captures the essence of a creamy queso dip without any dairy. The texture, the taste—it’s all there. Crafted with Habanero peppers and a sprinkle of Ghost Pepper Powder, this sauce brings a spicy kick that’s hard to forget.

For now, snagging a bottle of Queso Sin Queso is a bit of a quest. It’s exclusively available through Heatonist, and yes, getting it shipped to Canada meant shelling out more than just a few bucks. You can actually get a bottle of this on Chilly Chiles now! But was it worth it? Absolutely. If you’re lucky enough to be in Montreal, you might just find it locally. Tip: check out Good Heats’ Instagram for leads. This sauce is a rare find, especially outside of Hot Ones’ Season 23 spotlight.

The info panel on a bottle of Queso Sin Queso hot sauce

Manufacturer: Good Heats
Made In: Quebec
Heat Rating: 4/10
Size: 150mL
Price Range: $15CAD
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Ingredients: Onions, Vinegar, Red Bell Pepper, Roasted Red Habanero Peppers, Oat Drink (water, oat, canola oil, sea salt), Nutritional Yeast, Canola Oil, Salt, Garlic, Paprika, Spices, Turmeric, Onion Powder, Ghost Pepper Powder

Hot Sauce Made In Canada

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Diving into the look of Queso Sin Queso, this sauce doesn’t just talk the talk. Packaged in a sleek woozy bottle that fits right into the palm of your hand, it’s topped off with a crisp white cap and wrapped in a label that’s as clean as they come. The label itself feels premium, with a texture that begs a closer look, neatly displaying all the info you’d want to know.

But let’s get to the star of the show—the sauce. It’s a feast for the eyes with its spot-on queso cheese dip hue, a vibrant mix of yellow and orange. Peek inside, and you’ll spot a mini universe of spices, seeds, and other bits that promise flavor in every drop. And it’s got the perfect consistency. Not too runny, not too thick—Queso Sin Queso hits that goldilocks zone. It pours smoothly, clinging to your food like it was meant to be there. This sauce isn’t just a treat for the taste buds; it’s a visual delight, promising a spicy dip into something special.

Queso Sin Queso hot sauce on a spoon to show texture


Cracking open a bottle of Queso Sin Queso, you’re greeted with an aroma that instantly takes you to taco night. It’s like a warm, earthy hug, with cumin leading the charge—its signature scent setting the stage. This hot sauce tricks your senses, blending the coziness of spices with a nod to cheese sauce, yet leaning heavily towards that beloved taco seasoning smell.

It’s a curious mix—slightly sweet, a bit tangy, embodying the essence of a feast wrapped in a tortilla. While you might expect a fiery kick from the Habanero and Ghost Pepper lurking within, their heat doesn’t hit your nose. Instead, it’s all about the spices, creating a scent that’s as inviting as a table laden with your taco night favorites. Queso Sin Queso doesn’t just aim to taste like a celebration; it smells like one, too, minus the spicy warning you might anticipate.

Taste and Flavour

When you dive into the flavors of Queso Sin Queso, you’re in for a ride that’s nothing short of remarkable. It hits the mark with a taste that’s boldly reminiscent of a queso cheese sauce—peppery, cheesy, and undeniably creamy. This sauce doesn’t just mimic the flavor; it nails the texture, too, complete with chunks of red peppers that give it that authentic queso vibe.

With every spoonful, your palate is treated to an explosion of flavors. Imagine bell and hot peppers, onions, and garlic dancing in a sauce that somehow captures the essence of cheese without any dairy in sight. It’s a culinary magic trick that leaves you questioning how it’s possible while reaching for another dip.

The overall taste experience? Absolutely mind-blowing. The only real critique? This hot sauce is so delicious that its standard bottle size feels like a tease. You’ll find yourself wishing for a much bigger bottle, just to keep the flavorful journey going a little longer.

Heat Level

Queso Sin Queso plays it cool in the heat department, closely mirroring the gentle warmth you’d expect from a traditional queso dip. On my personal spice meter, it lands a cozy 4 out of 10. The heat here is more of a sharp, welcoming warmth that makes its presence known in your mouth and gently reminds you of its power in your stomach.

Sure, my lips tingled a bit, signaling that the sauce isn’t completely mild. However, there’s no overwhelming spiciness that has you reaching for a glass of milk. No sweat on the brow or a runny nose here; just a pleasant warmth that spreads across your face, enough to notice but not enough to interrupt your meal.

What’s truly impressive is the authenticity of the heat. It’s genuine, derived from the peppers themselves, without any shortcuts like concentrates. It’s this real, honest heat that adds depth to the sauce, complementing its rich flavors without overshadowing them.

Conclusion: Overall Thoughts

Wrapping up my dive into Queso Sin Queso, I’m left pretty impressed. This hot sauce is a game-changer in the flavor department, offering something genuinely unique. It’s not every day you come across a sauce that so perfectly captures the essence of queso without a trace of dairy. I’ve plowed through half the bottle with just a spoon, and I’m not stopping anytime soon. It’s that irresistible.

The texture is spot-on, mirroring the creamy, indulgent feel of a queso dip, and the flavor transports you straight to the heart of taco night. While the heat might be on the milder side, it strikes the perfect balance, echoing the warm, sharp zest of authentic queso dip without overwhelming the senses.

In a world where everyone has a soft spot for cheese, Queso Sin Queso stands out as a must-try. Whether you’re a hot sauce aficionado or just someone who appreciates a good dip, this sauce won’t let you down. Give it a go, and let the flavors do the talking.

Queso Sin Queso by Good Heat

Queso Sin Queso is a game-changer in the hot sauce world, perfectly capturing the creamy, spicy essence of queso dip without a hint of dairy, making it an irresistible addition to any taco night.

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Queso dip in a bottle!


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